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Training for Educators and Administrators:

Diversity, intercultural relations and communication for University Staff/Lecturers


university staff (coordinators, deanery) and lecturers who want to improve their intercultural understanding and communication skills in order to implement and raise the effectiveness of internationalization processes.


The aim of the course is to raise the cultural awareness and intercultural skills of the participants. The interactive training methodology will introduce the participants to cultural differences, and diversity in educational contexts and lead them to solve intercultural encounters from a new perspective. 
In 2022 and 2023 we will focus more on immigrants from Ukraine - how to help them in a war situation.

Erasmus staff and Erasmus mobility teachers (present and future) are invited to join the training.

Digital skills and Teaching effectiveness - Powerpoint and Press for Educators


teachers/lecturers who want to improve their IT skills and integrate them with effective teaching. We want to give educators an opportunity to improve their digital skills, but also to integrate these skills with the principles of effective teaching.

We invite educators who have not had the opportunity to get to know PowerPoint and Prezi better or want to improve their skills. In the first part, we will teach how to create good presentations in PP and Prezi. In the second part, we will show how to integrate IT techniques with effective teaching.

Techniques supporting teaching and learning-workshop


teachers interested in improving teaching methods. The course provides an introduction to a different view of the teaching and learning process. We focus on the functioning of memory, stereotypes about remembering, and methods of better teaching and learning. The training is aimed at all educators who want to refresh their approach to work and discover new methods of teaching and learning. There will be group classes using the method of discussion, brainstorming, experiment, and job shadowing.

English for school and University administration - workshop


The training aims to improve the English communication skills of workers employed at university administration or other educational institutions, as well as Erasmus coordinators and students’ office members, working on an internationalization process. 

The classes are of a workshop nature - they are aimed at skills we need when dealing with the international exchange of pupils/students/ and are focused on faculty and administration's everyday work.

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